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Divorce Law


Divorce is not the outcome that anyone hopes for, and

it can be a difficult and emotional situation to navigate.

You do not have to navigate it alone. The attorneys at

May Law Group, LLC, are dedicated to being available,

supportive and caring. We understand that our clients

need to speak with us when they are upset and need help

sorting out the turmoil that comes with the breakup of a

marriage. We make ourselves available when you need

us most, including weekends, evenings, and holidays.


Grounds for Filing for Divorce

in the State of Pennsylvania

There are two all-encompassing grounds for filing for

divorce: no-fault grounds and fault grounds.


A divorce may be granted based upon no-fault grounds in two different ways. One way in which a no-fault divorce may be granted is through mutual-consent, in which both parties agree that the divorce is mutually desired. A no-fault divorce may also be granted in the situation in which one party can demonstrate that the couple has lived separately for at least one year, and that no repair to the relationship can be made. In this situation, a divorce may be granted under the understanding that the marriage is irreparably-broken.


A divorce may also be granted in the situation where one of the parties in the marriage has committed a transgression and is deemed at-fault. These situations may include incidents such as adultery and domestic violence.


Contact Us for Help Getting the Fresh Start You Deserve

If your divorce is fairly amicable, we can look for ways to settle the issues without litigation. However, if you are involved in a contentious divorce, we will aggressively pursue your interests in court. Either way, it is important to ensure you have the right attorneys to help you answer difficult questions, questions concerning child custody and support, spousal support, and various other important issues. A good family law attorney can help you make the right important decisions in this difficult time.